Fire & Life Safety Inspections

Fire & Life Safety Inspections are essential to identify and correct potential hazards that could lead to catastrophic loss of life and property.

In accordance with Florida Law and local ordinance 2010-01, a Life Safety/Fire Inspection will be conducted on all applicable lands and buildings within the Holley-Navarre Fire District boundaries.

As a courtesy, the owner will be notified at least 48 hours in advance of the inspection date.

On your inspection day, please be sure to have an owner, manager or other member of the supervisory staff on duty.  The Fire Inspector must be able to access all rooms in the building.

Most violations found by an inspector are minor and relatively easy to repair.  Giver yourself a
“head start to safety” and use our guide prior to the inspectors visit.  (Click to download guide)  This is not a complete list, but a good guide to get you started.  There may be violations that are unique to your facility.

Download & Print Important Fire & Life Safety Inspection Documents

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Fire Inspections Resolution

Alrbidge-Benge Fire Safety Act

Inspection Fee Schedule