HNFD Annual Fire Assessment

All property owners in the Holley-Navarre Fire District receive a notice in the mail advising them of their assessment amount each year.

The Fire District assessment for RESIDENTIAL is based on the TOTAL GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE as listed on the Property Appraiser’s website .

**NOTE** the TOTAL GROSS SQUARE FOOTAGE include the living space, patios garages, entryways, sun rooms etc. **

Residential Rates

Holley-Navarre Fire District Non-Ad valorem Rate Structure (Approved in 2016 by voters)

Residential – $0.0547 per sq ft. minimum $125.81 (2,300 sq ft)
Commercial – $0.1822 per sq ft. Minimum $419.06 (2,300 sq ft)
Vacant Lot – $29.55
Unimproved Acreage – $9.85 per acre Minimum $29.55 (3 acres)

Voters approved the change for HNFD to use the total sq. ft. method versus the flat rate method in 2006 General Election.

All fire assessments will continue to be collected by the County Tax Collector in the same fashion as prior years, and then distributed directly to the HNFD.