About the Holley-Navarre Fire District

The Holley-Navarre Fire District began as the Holley-Navarre Volunteer Fire Department in 1965 by a group of concerned citizens with no equipment or funding source. The department operated from 1965 until 1980 using borrowed equipment and was funded solely by donations. In 1980 the Holley-Navarre Fire Protection District was created by Florida Special Act 80-603, which was later amended by 81-485. The first act (80-603) established the fire district as an Independent Special Fire Control District, set forth the boundaries and established a funding source through non ad-valorem assessments. The second act (81-485) merely clarified the district’s boundaries.

The HNFD is a full time fire department, meaning that fire, rescue and emergency services are provided to the community with full time staff providing 24 hour a day coverage.

The Fire District covers approximately 50 square miles in the Southeast corner of Santa Rosa County. Bordering upon the Okaloosa County line on the East and West end border is near St. Sylvester’s Church near Holley by the Sea, encompassing all of Navarre. The HNFD also covers the communities of Holley and Harper. The northern boundary is the Yellow River Bridge.