Frequently Asked Questions

How does the HNFD collect money for it’s budget?

The Holley-Navarre Fire District collects assessment fees from all property within the fire district as follows:

  • 8 cents per actual square foot, minimum $160.00 per annum for all business and commercial buildings to include multi family 5+.
  • 3 cents per actual square foot, minimum $60.00, per annum for all residential dwellings.
  • 8 cents per actual square foot, minimum $60.00, per annum for any occupied lot not previously covered.
  • $10.25 per annum per vacant lot.
  • $1.86 per annum per acre for unimproved acreage, minimum $10.26.
  • $25.65 per annum per lot for mobile home and recreational vehicle parks.

HNFD also receives monies from grants, service fees & donations.

Why does HNFD keep asking more tax money?

The Holley-Navarre Fire District serves a fast growing community and continue to needs resources to effectively serve Navarre on a day to day basis.  And increased households and businesses mean more calls, more travel, more wear and tear and more maintenance needs.

While impact fees help offset certain growth needs like new buildings and equipment, those fees can not be used for day to day operations, maintenance, salaries and training.

Rising operating costs include:

  • Increases in Insurance Rates
  • New Training Equipment
  • Truck Refurbishing/Repairs
  • Fire Station Upkeep, Maintenance and Renovations
  • Rising Fuel Costs
  • Rising Vehicle Maintenance Costs.
  • Rising Utility costs – Gas, Electric, Water, Trash, Telephone

Is the HNFD Paid or Volunteer?

The Holley-Navarre Fire District has both paid and volunteer Firefighters.

Originally, we were all volunteer. But in Jan 2008, we added paid Firefighters that are on duty at Stations 45 & 41. These two houses are open 24/7/365.